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No other vehicle is built to last like a Cushman

Only when things start to get ugly, do you really start to appreciate a Cushman’s beauty. Cushman vehicles perform best under pressure at factories, plants, and warehouses around the world. That’s why so many Industrial facilities trust Cushman. With Cushman, you’re driving decades of engineering expertise. Durable frames, comfortable smooth rides and low maintenance-costs make Cushman attractive to even the most demanding customers. Thanks to countless innovations, It’s the only vehicle that keeps up with today’s changing work environment. From the rugged Haulster, to the amazing Titan, to the accommodating Bellhop, Cushman will never disappoint. Whether you’re hauling a heavy shipment, transporting passengers or just trying to maneuver through tight corners, Cushman always gets the job done. Click the links below to view the Cushman Industrial Line.



Hauler Pro

Hauler 4x4

Hauler 1600XD 4WD

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